the brand


Each and every product featured in our shop is handmade with sophisticated craftsmanship. We hope that our art provides our customers with as much happiness as we feel creating each piece.

Our K-beauty skin care products are also made by ingredients extracted  from natural sources such as herbs and snails.

20% of the sales price of our products goes towards IATIA and WIC, organizations that help people in need in our community. Find more about what they are doing at IATIA.


the owners


joyce & jahea

"I loved to draw and design clothes for dolls as a child and later explored major in arts in college. I've always been interested in handcrafting and creating but didn't find an outlet for it until I went to visit a lavender farm and became interested in the aroma and beauty of the plant.  I dove deep into the attraction of lavender and eventually visited Provence, France, the place lavender originated. I started creating small handcrafted items using the lavender I would find on walks and visits to gardens. One major quality that I love about lavender is it's aroma and how helpful it is in calming nerves and helping with sleep.  This is how the idea of creating lavender sachets was born, I loved the idea of being able to create something by hand that also incorporated the aromatic qualities of the lavender plant. I started by giving my handcrafted pieces  to friends and family and donated them to local missionary groups. My greatest joy comes from creating and designing lavender sachets. It is even more joyous to work with my sister and business partner. We hope to bring that joy to others through our lavender sachets and other handmade goods, we love seeing people light up when they take home one of our handmade goods."

- Joyce

"I love all the colors present in nature and the scent of lavender. Making lavender sachets allows me to play with color through embroidery and share the calming effects of the scent lavender that I love so much. I love to create a tiny universe in each sachet I embroider, whether it's gorgeous flowers, wondrous places, or other things in the world that I find beautiful and worth sharing. I pour my heart and love into each stitch, always thinking of the person who will get to enjoy the sachet and make it apart of their home. I hope you'll  enjoy our masterpieces!"

- Jahea