Hand crocheted hanging ornament featuring its lavender scent. Introduce this cute Penguin to your car. It has lavender buds in it so your car will be filled with lavender scent. You will feel happy to see the Penguin whenever you get into your car. Swarovski crystals will give you crispy joy as well. When you feel the scent is weak, just gently squeeze the Penguin then the scent will revive. The scent will last around 2 years. It comes in 2 different sizes.

The matching color ribbon will come with it to hang easily to the rearview mirror.

This product will come in our Sweet Lavender Bag.

Penguin (Blue)

  • Large: 2.5" height, 1.5" diameter penguin with 2.3" crystal ring

    Small: 1.75" height, 1.3" diameter with 2.3" crystal ring