Unique wedding gifts for guests featuring handcrafted lavender pouch. It comes in a box with  ribbon and flower on it. The pouch size is 3"x4". 

There are 3 box options:

Option 1: Clear box (3"x3"x3") decorated with ribbon and flower

Option 2: Handcrafted pillow box (4"x6"x1.5") decorated with ribbon and coral flower (Additional $0.50 to be charged)

Option 3: Handcrafted pillow box (4"x6"x1.5") with ribbon and white flower


A minimum order of 10 is required. $4.50 per unit with an order of 75, and $4.00 per unit with an order of 100.

Give us enough time for an order over 50.

If you have further instructions or requests, please email us at info@sweetlavenderco.com.

Medium Lavender Pouch in Box